Leading the way in light measurement servicesSimultaneous thermal, electrical and photometric characterization


European Light Institute carries out thermal, photometric and electrical measurements of light sources, lamps and luminaires. These measurements are laid down in reports of different formats.

We offer customers a broad range of tests to choose from. Measurements include, but are not limited to: power consumption, voltage, current, power factor, beam angle, luminous and spectral flux, luminous intensity and efficacy, light distribution, chromaticity, correlated colour temperature (CCT), colour rendering index (CRI), wavelength, etc... You can use our enquiry form to select any test you would like us to perform.

We use three test set ups. When size does matter, we have an integrating light measurement sphere with a diameter of 3 meter that performs 4 Pi measurements of lamps and luminaires up to 40 kg in weight and 2 meters in length.

Our 1 meter integrating sphere performs 2 Pi measurements on LEDs, LED modules and COB LEDs.

Lighting designers cannot do without accurate light distribution data and these are obtained through the use of the world's fastest and most accurate high-resolution imaging colorimeter in combination with a goniometer.